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Meet Our Team! - Angelene Prakash

My name is Angelene Prakash.

I am a Conference Co-chair at Free Periods Canada. I have been involved with Free Periods Canada for one month now! My favourite part about being here is working with like-minded, dedicated people who are invested.

I care about menstrual equity because of my upbringing. While my family has progressed heavily now due to the times, growing up in our home was largely influenced by religious and cultural values that placed women at the bottom of the patriarchal hierarchy. Even though I was encouraged to take part in sports and be independent, I was also urged to practice modesty, not speak of my period, and submit to a world of culturally gendered roles. Menstrual equity to me is not solely about menstruators gaining the legal right to be provided the products they need; it is also about persons who menstruate being shown the same respect and regard that have been given to non-menstruators since the beginning of time.

If I were not on my current career path of Youth Work in a Recreational setting, I would be in law enforcement. I have worked in policing environments in a civilian capacity for years. While a very honourable and challenging profession, I have realized that my want to have an impact on what I do does not necessarily mean the law enforcement route.

My go-to party trick is a round-off double back handspring.

Before I die, I would like to travel to Egypt. I have been amazed by pyramids since I was a child, and I would love to see the wonders at Giza.

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