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Meet Our Team Members! - Catalina Ionescu

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Hi, I'm Catalina! I am the social media coordinator for Free Periods Canada. I have been involved since July of 2021. My favourite part of working with Free Periods is working with a wonderful group of people with the main goal in mind: menstrual equity!!

What were your interests when you were a kid?

As a kid, I was super interested in making jewelry. I would make bracelets, necklaces, and earring sets that I would then sell at a booth right outside my house. I really enjoyed seeing what type of jewelry each person liked most and it gave me great satisfaction when I saw a genuine smile on the customer's face!

Why do you care about menstrual equity?

I care about menstrual equity because I want to ensure that people’s needs are being met. It is important for people to know they have the support to allow them to make the right decisions for their menstrual health!

What's the most delicious meal/food you've ever cooked?

The most delicious food I have ever made was a cheesecake. I was super excited that it actually turned out delicious especially since I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!!! Although, the next time I made it, I accidentally drowned it in the bain marine:(. Hopefully, next time it turns out as good as the first time.

If you weren't in the career path you're in right now, what would you be doing?

The career path I am going down right now (to become a gynecologist) is what I wanted to do from the age of 14 when I was diagnosed with PCOS. I knew I wanted to support fellow menstruators through the emotional, physical, and mental hardships that can occur. There is no other career path I want to take as this one brings me such great satisfaction and joy.

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