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Meet Our Team Members! - Mushfika Anjum

Hello! My name is Mushfika Anjum and I am the social media coordinator at Free Periods Canada. I have been involved since March of 2021. My favorite part about being involved with FPC is working with a group of cheerful people who are so dedicated to their work. They are so inspiring and helpful. It's my pleasure to work with them!

What were your interests as a kid?

When I was a kid I was so into Detective stories and read a lot of them. I used to create my imaginary characters and write my own version :) I really enjoyed writing them. It was so satisfying for me when I read my own version of detective stories.

Why should people care about menstrual equity?

Menstrual equity is about equal access to menstrual hygiene products. But it is not just defined by products — it is also about education and reproductive care. People who get their period every month have the right to care for it affordably, easily, and gain knowledge about it without shame. It’s their right to have their needs met for their menstrual health. So to make sure others have their needs met, supported, and the choice to decide how they want to take care of their menstrual health, people should care about menstrual equity.

What's the most delicious meal/food you've ever cooked?

The most delicious meal I’ve ever cooked was chili cheese fries, it was so delicious. Also, recently I made a chocolate cake which turned out so yum!! (Though I didn’t expect it to turn out delicious). I really hope I can make it like this again!

What is one place you'd like to travel?

Traveling the world is one of my biggest dreams. I want to go to a lot of places, but one place I really want to go to is Switzerland. That charming natural scenery and beauty, it just attracts me!!!

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