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Meet Our Team Members! - Niki Oveisi

Hello! I'm Niki Oveisi and I'm the Associate Director at Free Periods Canada. I have been involved with FPC since 2016. My favourite part of being involved with Free Periods is being able to work towards menstrual equity with a group of like-minded peers!

What were your interests when you were a kid?

I loved collecting rocks, making my own bookmarks, and reading books! I still have some of the bookmarks saved, any takers?

What's your proudest accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment is the work I've been able to contribute to during my time with Free Periods Canada. It is amazing to see the steady growth in the movement!

If you weren't in the career path you're in right now, what would you be doing?

I have three cats, and I love spending time with them and taking care of them! In another life, I would probably be a veterinarian, so I could spend time with animals all day.

What is one place you'd like to see/travel to?

I dream of seeing the Aurora Borealis. Thankfully it can be seen from the Yukon, which isn't too far away...maybe in a post-COVID world!

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