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Description of Roles 



  • Act as a liaison to Finance Commission (AMS) 

  • Act as one of two Booking Representatives

  • Act as the sole signing officer (AMS) 

  • Make the yearly budget and budgets

  • Act as a budgeting consultant for VP Events 

  • Keeps track of and collect membership fees 

  • Make a quarterly financial report; present it each month and at the annual general meeting

  • Acts as the Global Lounge Officer 


Position Requirements: 

  • Must be a current UBC Student 

Community Manager

Comm man
  • Creates regular social media posts 

  • Researches/create connections with potential interviewees 

  • Conducts interviews

  • Edits interview videos using Descript and posts them on social media 

  • Edits and updates website (using Wix) 

Position Requirements: 

  • Experience using Canva/Photoshop and Wix

  • Experience conducting interviews

  • Experience with video recording/editing

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Comfortable having/growing a social media presence

  • Understands/supports the organization’s mission, values, and brand

Service Coordinator

  • Keep track of product inventory by regularly updating the excel spreadsheet

  • Place orders for period products

  • Ensure we have sufficient supplies for any upcoming events

  • Act as liaison between FPC and shelters to coordinate monthly drop-offs

  • Contact shelters to schedule product delivery and update CRM regularly 


Position Requirements:

  • Experience using excel

  • Experience managing product orders/inventory

  • Experience working with shelters/vulnerable populations

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Strong written/oral communication skills

  • Drivers license/access to a vehicle (preference is given to anyone who can drive/conduct drop-offs) 

  • Willing to comply with COVID-19 safety measures

Service Coor

Membership Program Coordinator

  • Process membership forms

  • Process membership fees

  • Plan/facilitate skills-development workshops

  • Manage menstrual activist directory/changemaker emails

  • Manage monthly newsletter

  • Manage slack channel

  • Manage mailing list/members


Position requirements:

  • Strong writing skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Strong conflict resolution skills

  • Experience using applications such as Mailchimp, Slack, and Excel

  • Experience organizing workshops

  • Experience handling administrative tasks (financial transactions, processing paperwork, etc.)

Membership Coordinator

Grant & Partnerships Coordinator 


  • Develop and maintain a database of relevant grant 

  • Write, edit and submit grant proposals on behalf of the organization 

  • Develop partnerships with external organizations to strengthen grant proposals

  • Write project completion reports 

  • Attends webinars to develop grant writing skills 


Position Requirements:

  • Strong writing & editing skills

  • Strong time-management skills

  • Ability to research and organize grants applications

  • Experience using excel

  • Experience liaising with external organizations/forming collaborative relationships

  • Interested in further developing grant-writing skills

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