Menstrual Equity for Everyone

A place for people to talk about periods and advocate for an end to period poverty, shame and stigma.

What We Do

We facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration to promote menstrual equity.

Knowledge Mobilization

We develop digital knowledge mobilization tools such as interactive infographics, visual reports, and podcasts to share and help spread menstrual health knowledge.

Providing Menstrual Supplies

We advocate for free and accessible period supplies for all menstruators. Our chapter at the University of British Columbia collects and distributes period supplies on campus and across the Lower Mainland in BC.


We conduct research on menstrual health and equity with the goal of producing results that guide our own advocacy work, as well as the work of other menstrual advocacy groups.


We create and host workshops to share menstrual health and equity knowledge, and bring menstrual advocacy groups and people interested in learning about periods together to strengthen Canada’s menstrual advocacy community.

Who We Are

We are a grassroots, youth-run non-profit organization.

Menstrual equity is the ability for menstruators to have fair and just access to the support they need to manage their period without struggling to overcome barriers. We believe in equal access to period supplies, menstrual health education, and menstrual health sanitation facilities for people with periods.

Free Periods Canada develops digital tools to facilitate menstrual health education and menstrual advocacy, conducts research to inform and support this education and advocacy, and distributes period supplies to those in need through FPC’s student club at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. These initiatives drive our advocacy work.

We strive to acknowledge and include diverse perspectives and experiences in the menstrual advocacy work we do. Our organization is led by BIPOC individuals, many of whom are first or second generation immigrants. Together, we are working to create a better, more equitable Canada for all people with periods.

Get Involved

We have built a digital community called CHARMS!

CHARMS is our digital community for people interested in talking about periods and making a positive impact on the world by learning about and/or advocating for menstrual equity.

CHARMS members gain exclusive access to:    

  • A network of menstrual advocates and experts    
  • Group chats
  • Discussion threads
  • Practical Toolkits
  • Resources to support menstrual health advocacy in Canada
  • Micro courses on menstrual health

Download CHARMS and join our digital community today!


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Our Partners

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do.

We wouldn’t be able to make the impact that we have without the support of our key impact partners. If you’re interested in collaborating with us, please contact our team!

Download CHARMS and join our digital community today!