We partner with various academic institutions to conduct community-based research to inform access to equitable menstrual health. We have conducted national surveys and produced several reports to improve menstrual health in Canada.
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Research and Insights

Explore research and insights from community consultations conducted by our team or in partnership with Free Periods Canada

Menstruation Education in Canada: A Conversation Between Advocates of Menstrual Equity
Supporting Menstrual Health and Equity in Post-Secondary Institutions with Reusable Menstrual Products
Let’s Talk about Periods: A Critical Analysis of Menstrual Inequities in Canada
Mapping Menstrual Equity in Canada - Douglas College

Research Partnerships

Interested in exploring what having Free Periods Canada as a community research partner?

We are interested in partnering with Canadian research institutions on projects that aim to uncover and address barriers to equitable menstrual health. This includes evaluation of menstrual product distribution, educational programs, menstrual health related issues and much more.

We bring subject-matter expertise on menstrual health equity in a Canadian landscape, provide letters of support for grant applications, support with outreach and dissemination of research findings.

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