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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Free Periods Canada hiring?

Job opportunities at FPC are shared on our social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. Please keep an eye on these channels if you are interested in working with us in the future!

Does Free Periods Canada give out free period supplies?

Our local chapter at the University of British Columbia collects and distributes period supplies seasonally. We are unable to provide period supplies to individuals on request, but we can support you by connecting you to other organizations that might. If you are an organization or individual looking for free period supplies, please get in touch with us so that we may connect you to our partners. 

How do I access CHARMS?

You can access CHARMS HERE.

When signing up for CHARMS, you will need to provide your first and last name, email address, and fill out a few questions on which features you’re most excited about, why you’re joining the platform, and if you work in the menstrual health or equity field. 

Then, you will receive an email with an invite to CHARMS, and will be able to visit your profile for the first time. We suggest uploading a profile photo and creating a bio right away so other CHARMS members can get to know you, and vice versa.

We look forward to seeing you in CHARMS!

Can I volunteer at Free Periods Canada?

Yes, you can! Please reach out to our Director, Zeba, at for opportunities.

Can I join CHARMS if I don’t know a lot about periods or menstrual equity?

CHARMS is for everyone interested in learning about periods, no matter where you are in your learning journey. 

In fact, CHARMS is the perfect place to start learning. You can Check out the Advocacy Toolkits  on CHARMS and learn how to use gender inclusive language when talking about periods. You can also learn so much more!


Can I access CHARMS on my phone?

To access CHARMS on your phone, download the ‘Mighty Networks’ app on apple or android. You can then search for CHARMS and access all of its incredible features!

Download CHARMS and join our digital community today!