About Us

We want to make menstrual health equitable for everyone.

In 2016, Free Periods Canada started out as a student club at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Our Story

It all began when Zeba Khan saw a youtube video about period poverty

Our founder, Zeba, came across a video about the challenges many people with periods face due to period poverty, and decided to take action. Niki Oveisi and Imad Ahmad joined her as founding members of FPC. Each of them began collecting and distributing period supplies to shelters and transitional homes in Vancouver, such as The Bloom Group, Nisa Homes & Atira Society.

Since then, Free Periods Canada has grown exponentially. We have produced impactful research results, educated and connected over 400 people through workshops and conferences, distributed 20,000 period supplies to those in need, and worked with UBC to make period supplies free and accessible for students of Vancouver campus. Most recently, we created and launched a digital web app called CHARMS, where individuals can talk about all things periods and stay connected with the menstrual advocacy community.

FreePeriodsCanada Team

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make menstrual health equitable in Canada.

We conduct research to inform and support advocacy work for menstrual equity, connect people and advocacy organizations together to build community, and provide those in need with period supplies to work towards menstrual equity and an end to period poverty.

Our Values

This is what drives us.


As a growing non-profit, we are continuously exploring how we can best contribute to the menstrual equity movement in Canada. We are not afraid to adopt new ideas or take on unique opportunities to make change. This allows us to break barriers and take action towards our cause with no limitations.


We strive to create a work environment where each team member feels a sense of autonomy and pride over their work. We appreciate and respect the unique perspectives each team member brings to the work we do, and recognize that shared leadership creates a strong, healthy, and hard working team.

Care & Service

Many of our team members are first and second generation immigrants. We value building a community of diverse individuals so they can contribute their unique experiences and perspectives to the work we do. The more diverse our team is, the more we can understand the menstrual equity needs of diverse communities across Canada.


We take responsibility over everything we do. We are self starters, problem solvers, and put our all into every task we take on. We do not pass on opportunities to improve, and we own every move we make with honesty and integrity. We own our role in making Canada better for people with periods.

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