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Canadian advocates look at menstrual sick leave

Advocates in Canada Push for Menstrual Leave to be Recognized as a Valid Reason for Time Off Work

April 5, 2023
Canadian advocates look at menstrual sick leave

Canadian advocates are calling for menstrual leave to be recognized as a valid reason for taking time off work. Currently, menstrual leave is not officially recognized by the Canadian Labour Code, which means employees who need to take time off due to their menstrual cycle must use their sick days or vacation time. Advocates argue that menstrual leave would provide much-needed support for people who experience debilitating menstrual symptoms and help reduce the stigma surrounding periods in the workplace.

The movement for menstrual leave has gained traction globally, with countries like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan already recognizing it as a legitimate reason for taking time off work. While the push for menstrual leave in Canada is still in its early stages, advocates hope that the conversation will continue to gain momentum and lead to positive change for menstruating employees.

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