What is CHARMS, and how to access it

CHARMS serves as a comprehensive digital hub for individuals passionate about menstrual equity.

December 12, 2023
 What is CHARMS, and how to access it


The acronym CHARMS stands for Collaboration Hub - Advocacy for Reproductive & Menstrual Services.

CHARMS serves as a digital network that facilitates connections among individuals who have a keen interest in expanding their knowledge on matters related to menstrual and reproductive health. Users can explore a diverse range of resources within this platform, including a comprehensive member's directory, informative reports, valuable advocacy toolkits, an extensive archive comprising relevant Canadian policy, and numerous other offerings.

What is the purpose of CHARMS?

CHARMS is a collaborative community associated with Free Periods Canada, a prominent organization dedicated to fostering a global community focused on achieving menstrual equity. This dynamic digital network serves as a platform for various initiatives, including advocacy for reproductive and menstrual services, the provision of practical toolkits, a robust network comprising menstrual advocates and experts, and the facilitation of valuable resources to support menstrual health advocacy specifically within Canada. Additionally, the network offers micro-courses centered around menstrual health and presents opportunities to participate in free online menstrual events worldwide, creating a comprehensive hub for individuals passionate about advancing menstrual equity.

How to access it

Accessing CHARMS is straightforward. Simply visit the FREE PERIODS CANADA website and navigate to the dedicated CHARMS section. Setting up an account is a user-friendly process, granting members exclusive access to a multitude of valuable features, including:

  • A robust network comprising menstrual advocates and experts.
  • Engaging in group chats for collaborative discussions.
  • Thought-provoking discussion threads on relevant topics.
  • Practical toolkits designed to support menstrual health advocacy efforts.
  • Extensive resources that bolster initiatives related to menstrual health advocacy in Canada.
  • Micro courses specifically focused on menstrual health, enabling users to deepen their knowledge of the subject matter.

What are the requirements to sign up for CHARMS?

There are no specific requirements to sign up for CHARMS.

Content of CHARMS


1. Advocacy Toolkit

From the Advocacy Toolkit users can become a more effective and informed advocate. Advocacy is a powerful tool for change, and these toolkits act as a guide to becoming a catalyst for positive transformation in your community and beyond. 

2. Community Action Group British Columbia

This is the hub for the Community Action Group in BC, Canada. Users will be able to find meeting updates and ongoing projects listed here. This is a collaborative space to connect with other members and continue the work we are active in.

3. Reusable Menstrual Supplies

Is your university or college providing support for reusable menstrual supplies? Through our partnership with Aisle, we have established this platform to share valuable resources that will empower you to advocate for the availability of reusable menstrual supplies in your educational institution.

4. Reports

Within this section, users will discover reports and research centered around menstrual supplies, laws, menstrual hygiene, period poverty, and other related topics.

5. Canadian Policy Update

This platform provides users with the latest updates on Canadian policies related to menstruation, including menstrual supplies and more.


Within the platform, there exists a designated event section that showcases monthly menstrual events conducted globally via online platforms. These events are curated to offer insightful information on menstruation, with their corresponding links and comprehensive details readily accessible on CHARMS. Users are provided with the convenient opportunity to promptly join these events, enabling them to enhance their understanding and awareness surrounding this topic.


In the feed section, users have the convenience of sharing a wide range of news and events related to menstruation, including information about grants, research opportunities, and more.


There are several courses available for individuals to enhance their understanding of menstruation. These courses include:

  • "Period Education for Trans People"
  • "Advocacy for Period Products in Schools"
  • "Inclusive Language for Menstrual Advocates"
  • "Systems-Level Analysis: A Practical Guide"
  • "UBC Case Study: Exploring Menstrual Health"

By enrolling in these courses, users can broaden their knowledge and develop valuable skills related to menstruation.

Overall, CHARMS serves as a comprehensive hub for individuals passionate about menstrual equity, providing a digital platform for collaboration, advocacy, and access to valuable resources.

Original article written by: Mushfika Anjum on March 30th, 2023.

Revised and updated by: Niki Oveisi on October 27th, 2023.

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